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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Don’t Wait for a New Jersey Dental Plan

The economy is making a comeback, but the last few years hosted a high number of layoffs leaving many people without dental plans.  Most of us often associate our medical and dental plans with our employers; due to the high cost of procedures and checkups, people include benefits along with their wages when considering job acceptance.  If you are currently unemployed, or a part-time or full-time job does not include a dental plan, you may be waiting to go to the dentist – this is not a good thing.

We can offer a New Jersey dental plan that will satisfy you.  We established our company due to the fact that people do not take necessary trips to the dentist because they do not have a present dental plan.  Now you can have an affordable dental plan and take regular trips to the dentist.   Our New Jersey dental plan members are covered for up to 60% or more of the procedures; our memberships often pay for themselves after the first visit.

It is highly important to be proactive about your health.  Your dental plan should not be contingent on your state of employment or the offered benefits of your employer.  We offer you the opportunity to engage in regular visits to the dentist without the worry of spending a lot of money.  Please take the time to read more about our services and choose a New Jersey dental plan that is right for you.

Take a look at the savings our dental plans afford:

Without Dental Call
With Dental Call
Comprehensive Oral Exam
X-Rays, Full Set
Adult Cleaning
Cavity Treatment-one surface (permanent)
Extraction (simple)
Root Canal (molar)
Crown-porcelain/noble metal
Comprehensive Orthodontic 2 year treatment (adolescent detention)

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