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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Don’t Neglect Your Pearly Whites!

Going to the doctors is something that everyone is used to.  Maybe not everyone goes as often as they should, but at least once a year people step foot into that doctors office for either their yearly checkup or a medical issue they can’t fix themselves.  This is all well and good, however, what about that other office we should be stepping into even more often than we go to the doctors?  That’s right – the dentist.  There are so many people that forget about the dentist, yet it is a crucial step we all must take to assure we don’t get cavities, diseases or other problems gone awry with our teeth.
Owning a dental plan is a great thing to have as you never know when something might go wrong with those pearly whites.  It is important that people remember to take good care of their teeth by brushing twice a day and taking that trip to the dentist every 6 months.  Some folks might actually be on top of their game when it comes to their dental hygiene.  However, there are few people who remember to do one vital thing – floss!  Flossing is just as important if not more important in the protection of your teeth, as it gets rid of all the food that you wouldn’t normally see otherwise.  Choosing not to floss can lead to problems such as gum disease which is hereditary.
There are some foods that you should immediately brush your teeth after eating.  One of these is dairy.  Cheese, milk, yogurt or butter are thick in texture and can easily coat your teeth with residue.  Leaving this sit in your mouth is no good for the strength of your teeth as well as the overall care for them.  Another food would be – you guessed it – candy.  Of course there is nothing wrong with eating some sweet goodies once in a while but making sure to brush afterwards is important.
Dental hygiene sometimes slips the minds of people; nevertheless it’s one of the most essential things to keep up with.  Your teeth aren’t going to take care of themselves so it’s your responsibility to brush, floss and repeat.    


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